You can rely on us for imports and exports

Smeets Import-Export, where trust is at the core of our commitment to provide high-quality import and export services!

About us - Smeets

Trust as Fundament

It is trust that drives customers to choose us again and again, which is why we act as a kind of “purchase groupage hub in Europe. Customers know they can count on us for reliable, efficient and high-quality service.

About us - Smeets

Specialized for Foreign Customers

Smeets Import-Export was founded with the specific goal of providing customers abroad with quality parts for Heavy Duty materials. Our focus is on providing the best products.

About us - Smeets

Strong customer relationships

Our strong relationships with clients, thanks to personal trips to their locations, give us deep insight into their needs and challenges. This makes SMIE the right tool to help customers keep their fleets in top condition with high-quality parts.

About us - Smeets

Evolution to Trust Firm

Thanks to our personal journeys, accumulated trust and commitment to quality, we have evolved. SMIE has become the trusted company that not only handles purchases, but also packages and transports them to where our customers want them.

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